A Guide to Buying Air Mattresses

If you haven’t looked at air mattresses recently, they’ve improved significantly to the point where people sleep comfortably in an airbed inside their homes. Although air mattresses offer many advantages in terms of comfort, affordability, and durability, it still pays to do some research before buying one.

Whether you are preparing for a camping trip, sleepover with some friends, or need a mattress for your guest room, or just need a comfortable place to sleep at night, air mattresses may be the perfect solution for your needs.

Features and Benefits

Air mattresses offer many features and benefits that you won’t find in a conventional spring mattress. For example, they’re soft, comfortable, inflatable, and easy to carry around. Aside from the size and brand name, some air mattresses come equipped with built-in alarm clocks and carry bags. Some even have a double-lock system for sealing the air inside the mattress. Many of the higher-end mattresses have a battery-powered air pump that allows you to inflate/deflate the mattress automatically. This allows you to adjust the mattress to the desired level of softness or firmness.

Air mattresses also provide a much cheaper alternative to buying a regular mattress, and you can spend anywhere between $60 and 200 for a good one.

Manufacturers and Sizes

Well-known companies like Coleman, Wenzel, Intex, AeroBed and Texsport manufacture some of the best air mattresses on the market. Each manufacturer produces a wide range of mattresses with different prices and functions as well. Basically, air mattresses come in the same sizes as regular mattresses—King (80”x 75”x 10”) Queen (75”x60”x10”), Full (75”x 55”x 9”), and Twin (75”x 40”x 9”).

Buying an Air Mattress Online

If you’re interested in finding out more about air mattresses, the Internet is a good place to start. Here, you’ll find plenty of online reviews, mattress companies, brands, sizes, and types. The reviews act as guides to help you make an educated decision.

Before you make a purchase, find a manufacturer online that offers the information you need about the mattress, and then visit your local retailer or wholesaler to give it a test drive. Most people like to try out a new mattress before buying one.

Many reviewers are saying the Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen best air mattress that is available now is the.

Wenzel offers a comfortable Queen-sized raised airbed. Measuring approximately 60“x 80”x 22,” the Wenzel has approximately the same dimensions as a conventional coil-spring bed. It also has a 120V air pump that inflates the bed in 90 seconds.

With so many different air mattresses and manufacturers available on the market, you can afford to be selective. As with most other products, you shouldn’t make any hasty decisions before buying one. Although many air mattresses are much more affordable than conventional ones, a new mattress is still considered a luxury item—especially in today’s economy. With all the variations of sizes, shapes, styles, manufacturers, and prices, it’s always a good idea to shop around before you buy.