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Interests have grown around natural latex lately, or all brands that are eco-friendly for that matter. The main reason for this is the fact that more people are becoming aware of the need to protect our diminishing environment. Products made from natural materials are known to be non-hazardous and hypoallergenic. When it comes to mattresses only one thing comes to mind–mattresses made from all natural latex. But there are many mattresses on the market that disguise themselves as having natural based latex components. But actually are using synthetic rubber copolymer composed with Styrene and Butadiene or Styrene-Butadiene-Rubber. This technology was introduced during the 2nd world war to replace natural rubber when it was rendered inaccessible. It is the material used to make tires. It is easier to produce, thus it is a lot cheaper. But SBR latex foams have poor ventilation because they are composed of closed cell structures that prevent air inside the mattress. Therefore, it cannot dispel the heat it absorbs and it gives off an unpleasant odor.

All natural latex from Natural habitat on the other hand is made from botanically derived natural latex. The product was made using latex extracted from rubber tree plantations on the islands of Sri-Lanka. 2500 trees are required to give out 15 grams of liquid latex to make a single 6”inch natural latex mattress each day. Aside from its durability and high resiliency factors, the product is also known to have natural anti-dust mite characteristics inherited from nature. It is also known to resist mold and prevents bacteria build-up even after long usage. The company also boasts that all their natural latex products were made without using microbial contaminants or volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde that can be a cause for major health concerns when vaporized pressures are released–especially in contained areas like the bedrooms.

The features of the brand that endeared it to its users range from comfort to the company’s willingness to push the enveloped further to persuade its customers to commit to the product. By offering a 20 year warranty and a stunning 180 day money back guarantee trial period they have shown tremendous confidence in their products. You can read about them yourself in mattress ratings websites or other unbiased mattress forums on the internet to find out more about the product. Some of the comments include;

The promise of comfort

Most mattress reviews and comments from habitat all natural latex mattress users I read paints a picture of happy and satisfied customers. Consumers experienced the comfort of the admirable firmness that the mattress offers, plus buoyancy is felt rather than the sinking feeling when sleeping on the bed. In fact the product got 9.3 satisfied ratings per 10 users from mattress rating websites, which is not commonly found in the mattress industry. This somehow makes the product as good as advertised.

Additional features:

  • Extremely durable- The product has a 30 year life expectancy.
  • Good Support – It holds the body comfortably at the right proportions during sleep regardless of the types of sleepers (side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers.)
  • Holds Shape – it retains its normal shape in real time over a long period of use thus preventing premature denting to the foam and irritable bed motions to both occupants of the bed.
  • No Material Odors – contains no material odors common to other mattresses, especially memory type mattresses.

One of the few concerns of buyers perhaps is the price. The wonders of the products come with a price. To those willing to invest in All Natural latex mattresses, here are some of their product prices to most popular sizes (UPS Ground shipping included on all products). Habitat all natural latex mattresses are not sold in retail stores and you can only order them directly from the manufacturer.

Product price and sizes

(other sizes not included here are sold at different prices).

  • 6” Habitat 100% Botanical Natural Latex with cotton cover

  • Twin 39×75 $1199

  • Queen 60×80 $1599

  • 8” Habitat 100% Botanical Natural Latex with cotton cover

  • Twin 39×75 $1399

  • Queen 60×80 $1899

  • 9” Botanical Latex Skybed

  • Twin 39×75 $1799

  • Queen 60×80 $2299