Let us review over a few of the best mattress types that you can find and the details about them. More specifically we will be focusing on memory foam mattresses, air mattresses, futon mattresses, latex mattresses, organic mattresses, and waterbed mattresses. We will touch on each one quickly and explain a bit about its benefits.

Best Mattress Types Memory Foam

Memory Foam Mattress

First is memory foam. Created in the 1970’s and funded by a branch of NASA research. The idea was to create foam like material that would conform to the body relieving astronauts from the pressure of hi G-Forces during liftoff. With that in mind you can assume that this type of mattress offers a great amount of support to the body. It is made in several grades of foam based on the manufacturer and origin of the foam. It is definitely a great mattress for supporting your weight.

Air Mattress

Next is air mattress. It’s an inflatable mattress like you can pick up at most sporting goods. They’re durable, portable, and can be quite comfortable in pinch. They are lightweight and come in various sizes. Although not recommended by many industry people as a permanent solution for sleep, these are definitely good for the sleepover at a friends’, a family outing to the lake, or quick swap for those uncomfortable hotel beds.

Futon Mattress

As a multi functional form, the futon mattress makes the grade as one of the best mattresses. Convenient, comfortable, and functional, this type has become a household standard especially in many European countries. They come in many variations from the common overstuffed duvet style to the multi layered micro fibre spring style. Good for the living room setting for guests and a comfortable option for sleep.

Latex Mattress

Moving down the list we have the latex mattress. Well known as a “green” option for mattress choices, this latex type has been used for topping as well as core replacement. They can be hypoallergenic and ward off bacteria and dust. Unlike cotton mattresses, the latex mattress doesn’t get compacted over use and is considered to be a firm comfortable mattress type.

Organic Mattress

Organic mattresses come along as well. Similar to the latex mattress, and often made with latex as well, this type offers the total green solution to bedding. Made with all eco-friendly materials, it is the next step in comfort and sensibility. Typically they are hand crafted and made with chemical free materials. They play a positive role in improving the quality of your sleep.

Waterbed Mattress

Last, but not least, is the waterbed mattress. This kind of bed shapes exactly to the form of the body reducing the pressure built during sleep. This kind allows the body to relax completely and is great for the rehabilitation of back problems. Dirt, dust, or any other unwanted materials cannot penetrate the surface of this mattress so it makes for easy cleaning.