Is Hypnos the Perfect Mattress For You?

Are you thinking about buying a new mattress? It won’t take you too long to discover that a quality mattress is built with not only comfort in mind but also durability. The Hypnos mattress offers you the comfort, relaxation, and durability that you expect to find in a quality product.

All the mattresses in Hypnos collection use brass air vents to ensure even ventilation throughout the mattress. It also has supportive materials that provide orthopedic therapy for your back and joints. When you wake up in morning, you are reassured with a restful and comfortable sleep throughout the evening and morning.

Hypnos has mastered the art of providing your body with complete support, eliminating the joint and spine pain that so many people experience. Even the least expensive models includ 1200 pocket springs, cashmere, wool, cotton, and hand tufted filling.

The following are some additional benefits:

  • Comfortable and durable
  • Conforms according to your body shape

  • Consists of excellent materials that provide restful sleep to the back pain sufferers

  • Deformation and rust resistant

  • Customized beds can be made, if desired

The following are a few drawbacks:

  • Expensive
  • Very heavy to be turned alone
  • Lack of trained practitioners in certain areas

Why is Hypnos Mattresses So Valuable?

Although it’s difficult to find many reviews about the Hypnos mattress, the company has a very high profile clientele. For example, Queen Elizabeth II owns a Hypnos mattress.

Every Hypnos mattress is hand made with the best materials. Three rows of stitching provide perfect support on every square inch of the bed. You’ll enjoy comfortable sleep without any tossing or turning throughout the night. The Hypnos mattress offers a level of comfort that you won’t find from any other mattress.

Whether you need a single, double, or king size mattress, Hypnos can accommodate your needs. The company can even build a custom mattress, if desired. The mattress fits most existing beds and headboards. If you enjoy high-quality restful sleep, the Hypnos bed is the right choice. Granted, it isn’t the least expensive mattress on the market, but customers say it’s definitely well worth it.