Memory foam has become a popular choice of mattress filling throughout the U.S. NASA originally developed the material nearly 40 years ago in order to protect astronauts from gravitational forces in space. After its success in space, bed manufacturers soon found it that memory foam works great as mattress filling because it conforms to the body’s shape and size. Over the years, the manufacturing process has become much more economical and reliable, and there are several manufacturers that produce memory foam mattresses for an affordable price.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of memory foam mattresses?

Memory foam offers many advantages over conventional innerspring mattresses. For example, they provide relief from joint/back pains. The mattress also impedes your body movements, providing you with a more restful sleep at night. It’s also a good choice for couples and partners, because the mattress stabilizes your bodies.

Customers say that memory foam is more durable than conventional mattresses, but they’re also more expensive. Some of the new mattresses also produce an odor that some customers dislike. On the other hand, the memory foam mattress doesn’t sag like its counterpart. The memory foam is also less likely to harbor dust mites, which can cause allergies to some users.

Due to the way that the foam responds to your body’s temperature, the mattress tends to be too warm in the summer and too firm in the winter.

You may have seen or heard the advertisements on TV or the radio for Tempur-pedic mattresses. They’re one of the best-known memory foam mattress companies, but also one of the most expensive ones. Other companies like Bergard Isoform offer less expensive mattresses that are very comfortable and durable.

Do your research

Before you purchase a memory foam mattress, it’s important to do your research beforehand. With so many different types of mattresses available on the market, you can choose the one you want.

Much like any other mattress on the market, whether it’s an innerspring, futon, or airbed, it’s essential for you to try out a memory foam mattress before you buy it. It’s also important to know the qualities and materials of the mattress.

Know the quality before you buy

To help narrow your search, it’s important to have some idea of how the mattress is constructed. When you’re ready to test a memory foam mattress in your local store or outlet, you should already have a pretty good idea about the material used to build the mattress, as well as the various levels of quality.

Put simply, the mattress is constructed from polyurethane. When mixed with other chemicals, the polyurethane produces non-toxic, visco elastic foam called memory foam.

However, there are other grades/qualities of the mattress that may affect your decision.

In order to gauge the firmness of the mattress, manufacturers use the ILD (Indentation Rating system. In essence, the higher the ILD, the firmer the mattress. Sales people will usually quote you a range (instead of one figure) to help you make a decision regarding which type of mattress you wish to buy. Since everyone has different tastes, the best way to buy the mattress is to test one out in the store.