Reliable, comfortable, and affordable!! For over 125 years this manufacturer and household name of mattresses has flooded the market and homes with quality beds. This is a company that tells you what’s right for you and doesn’t leave you guessing. They are not all the same but each has specific target in mind.

The variations they provide the customer offers the opportunity to cater to a more individual need. Two of their most popular lines are the Sealy Pillowtop Mattress and the Sealy Posturpedic Mattress. Both lines have been considered a household staple for years and they offer all the fixings needed to get a great night’s sleep.

The pillowtop mattress survives the test of time because it is lined with that pillowtop on both sides of the mattress. Like the reviewers of say, this is a bed that will make you say “I hate waking up for work in the morning and getting out of bed!”. Being a lower priced model, this bed reaches out to a consumer level of great depth. It allows people on a budget, or just people who are concerned with price, to afford a great mattress and achieve a better level of rest. A queen size of this model will run you about $500 in addition to the $200+ box spring. But even at that price it is a great mix of firm support and cloud like plush.

The ever popular and Sealy’s best known line of 60 years is the PosturePedic collection. Firm yet comfortable like most of the Sealy line of beds. This line comes in 4 different lines. They are the classic inner-spring mattress, the latex or memory foam spring free mattress, the TrueForm, and the PurEmbrace. They provide a wide spectrum of comfort ability to choose from. One of the few complaints, however, is that due to the thickness of the mattress it is hard to find sheets to fit it and that without handles it makes it hard to move around.

All in all Sealy has passed the test of time and has proven to be a great product to have in your home worldwide. You can always rely on the notion that Sealy makes a mattress to fit everyone’s needs individually and on the general perspective. Most reviews made of their product line are positive minus a few of the lower priced options of their mattress line.