Serta is one of the most renowned manufacturers of high quality mattresses. Recognized as one of the most trusted mattress makers in the industry for 75 years, Serta was making innovations that redefined the meaning of comfort many times in its long history. Serta gave the industry its first “tuftless” mattress in 1946 among other features and products rated to be the “firsts” in the industry”. Today Serta goes on to continue this proud tradition. The company comes out with another first in the industry with their patented Advance Comfort Quilt and continuous support innerspring.

Serta is the manufacturer of several product lines that are enjoying remarkable brand recognition to consumers in the mattress industry. They are the manufacturer of well-known mattresses like Serta Perfect Sleeper, Perfect Day, Vera Wang and Vera Wang by Serta Specialty, Trump Home and Trump Home luxury, Nickelodeon Collection by Serta, Sertapedic, Serta Hotel Mattress, Serta Smart Support and Serta Counting Sheep.

Serta have a long list of product lines to cater to the different sleeping requirements of the Americans as shown by various independent researchers in the industry. All Serta mattresses have some features they share in common, but at the same time these products also have separate special features that not only made them unique from other Serta mattresses but also enable them to offer different comfort levels through their separate special designs/features for specific users.

Here are some of the most common features usually included to Serta’s different product lines.

Serta Mattress ReviewIndependent consumers’ reviews and owners reviews:

Reading through various product reviews is a nightmare, results of reviews conducted by several independent sources citing consumer surveys and comments as the primary tools used, are guaranteed to leave you more confused in the end. The results could vary extremely from one website to the other, and opinions swing back and forth for and against the product. Some websites gave Serta products the 2 ½ out of 5 stars ratings while others give them 9.3 out of 10 users ratings. They are rather perplexing; however one should not ignore these comments and reviews. But a company with a very rich history like Serta also deserved the chance for a closer

Common complaints:

Sagging, Durability and comfort issues especially with their innerspring mattresses (comfort level and ratings improved dramatically when a topper mattress is used). Poor customer service related concerns.

BBB Ratings:

Some websites like reported on an article posted last December 22, 2010 that Serta was rated B- by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), but a quick look at the official BBB website had the company rated A+. And if you scroll further down the page you’ll find a report filed dated January 19, 2011 that says the company received only three complaints for the past three years. I’m sure that they conducted their research thoroughly and I am not in any position to say otherwise but it makes that particular report less credible, I suppose. Anyways, if you choose to buy any product, make sure to check the BBB website first and remember it. Also try to check how BBB rates a product or a company (There are no BBB ratings for Serta products individually however, so I don’t know how they came up with the B- ratings). All Serta Products comes with a 10 year warranty, so should you decide to purchase a product from them, contact Serta online directly and inform them that you saw their BBB ratings. This will help ensure that you will get the proper warranty coverage as advertised, and will get your complaints (if there’s any) answered immediately.