Well known as one the top mattress types in the industry, Tempur-Pedic has been resolving sleep & comfort issues since 1996. A great design also comes with a great price though. With a number of different options to choose from and many varieties of scenarios that they can cater to, this brand, while worth the buck, doesn’t appeal to the price concerned customer.

This company utilizes its patented Tempur material and results in a pleasurable sleeping experience to which it adjusts for temperature, body weight support, & pressure points. It provides a luxury level of sleep and comfort, but again comes with a high price tag.


The first line of mattress from Tempur-Pedic to consider is the Allurabed. Drawn from there HD collection it’s an all in one type mattress experience. Style and comfort with a quilted top comfort layer to give it that plush feel. All worth if you’re ready to drop a few thousand dollars on a bed.


Our next line of Tempur-Pedic to consider is the Bellafina. Considered more of a traditional bed, it targets it design to the lumbar region which is a great choice for back pain sufferers. This bed is made with a latex core which is a proven type of mattress that provides firm comfort. Along with this divine interior this model comes with a micro suede cover that is washable. The design behind this model, and what makes it stand out, is that the foam actual softens slower and it retains the memory longer which makes the adjustment to the bed type easier and less stressful.

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Brand Review


You can’t review Tempur-Pedic without bringing up the ClassicBed. From the original line of mattresses, this style blends together solid support with the ease and relaxation of good comfort. It is the feeling of relaxation and weightlessness that keeps people coming back to buy this bed. This product has been reviewed over and over again and even been spotlighted in Good Housekeeping and Consumer Digest. There is a plethora of information and review on a number of spine and back injury related sites and it’s given much support from its readers and users.

Cloud Supreme

Finally, for those that think soft & fluffy is best, we have the Cloud Supreme. Packed with a “super-deep” comfort layer, this bed quite literally feels like you’re on a cloud. It provides optimal airflow and reduces the number of sleep interruptions caused by the motion of other sleepers. The great thing about this model is it is one of their most affordable lines running just under $2000 for a twin and on up for larger sizes

All in all you don’t sacrifice quality for this brand of memory foam, but you will definitely pay for it. You get your money’s worth so long as you have it to spend. They provide all the necessities in there line of beds and you won’t be disappointed.