Since 1876 this mattress giant has been producing quality beds and putting smiles on the sleeping faces of its customers. They make a wide variety of mattress types from the traditional choice to the floating on air luxury. They also make combination mattresses to offer price sensibility and quality in one package.

The Beautyrest series

They produce the Beautyrest series which is a household name amongst the bedrooms of the world. One feature they offer on top of the comfort and support is the attractive covering they have on the mattress. It also offers reasonably priced models for the price conscious consumer. Although the reviews and ratings can vary depending on your source, by and large they are a standard in a number of homes.

One of their greatest feature beds is the latex mattresses. With a whopping 85% satisfaction rating amongst the latex bed owners, their durable mattresses last longer than most and retain its comfort level. Similar to the latex mattresses is the memory foam mattress. Albeit similar in style and comfort, they are much more expensive and like most memory foam beds, they give off a slightly unpleasant odor. Aside from that, it’s known to be a great mattress.

As stated before, the Beautyrest is their most popular with its claim that it removes 50% of the motion on the bed allowing for an undisturbed sleep. Although opinions vary, Simmons is chosen over many other mattress manufacturers that produce the same type bed mostly for their years of experience and the word of mouth popularity. Many sites & reviews list them as pioneers of the business and there is no real solid argument to negate that.

For the most part the Simmons Beautyrest experience is that of the upper class. They have a great line of beds to choose from and they also offer a great 10 year warranty. Combined with the pleasurable comfort and a full nights rest, as well as a reasonable price tag and so many years in the business, you can qualify your choice in their product.

Taking a further look into the different models they offer will help you better determine what’s best for you. Whether it’s the Deep Sleep mattress, the Beautyrest Pillowtop, or the Westin Heavenly mattress you decide to go with, you can be assured that one of these line will meet your expectations and that Simmons will back up their product and so should they.