The increasing rise in popularity of the futon mattress among consumers can be best attributed to its convenience over comfort. Don’t get me wrong, futon beds are not any less comfortable than any other mattress types. The best brands which are made from high quality materials are built for comfort. The best feature of the mattress is its ability to be folded away after each use or stored conveniently in one corner of the room or in the attic until needed.

The futon mattress was a borrowed cultural product from Japan. Traditional Japanese homes are almost free of any kind of furniture. They have a small table in the kitchen and a small fireplace where they cook their food and gather around in the winter. You can forget about the chair, the Japanese have their unique way of sitting that does not require its use. And their bedrooms are literally spotless during the day. The beds are often held strapped to the bedroom wall or rolled-up every morning. The same concept that helps the Japanese keep their homes tidy is helping the rest of the world cope with the continuous shrinking of bedroom spaces. The beds though have far advanced from their humble beginnings in Japan.

The futon can also play a dual role. Some homes I went into had them for their bed and sofa rolled into one. If you think this as strange, wait till you step into college dormitories. Most students prefer this type of mattress because of its dual purpose capability; still some people find it more comfortable over the other types of mattresses. One important thing to note is the mattress comes in several types, so if you are considering owning one of these, it is wise to acquaint yourself with the different types of futon beds before making your purchase. Just like any other types of beds, there is one made just for you.

Here are some of the types of futon mattress to choose from:

There are other types of futon mattresses in the market which are crossbreds from other types of mattresses. Some of them lost the value of the futon mattress altogether, but some can be worth every dime.